A unique childrenS party

Kids party in music studio!

be a rockstar

During your birthday, shine in the spotlight with your friends!

Your birthday on a videoclip

Your birthday will never be forgotten because it will be captured in a video clip!

Get acquainted with music

A fun way to get acquainted with music!

recording studio

Together with a group of friends, you record your favorite song. We ensure that it is professionally recorded, edited, and saved as an MP3 file, which will be emailed to you at the end of the party.

During the party, you’ll receive explanations about the studio equipment, learn proper breathing techniques, and how to use your voice effectively. We’ll also record the chosen song. And how cool is it to capture all of this in a video clip, so you can always watch and share it with your friends as a beautiful memory!

The party lasts approximately two hours and is suitable for children aged 6 and older.


Step into a world of glitter and glamour, where your children’s party is transformed into an electrifying music video! After recording your favorite song with your best friends, you’ll also create a music video.

Feel the beats, sing your heart out, and let your inner pop star shine in the video! This unforgettable experience will be captured so you can relive the party over and over again. A delightful memory that will stay with you forever! 

Most Frequently Asked Questions

 You can choose from any songs you like. There must be a karaoke or instrumental version of the song. There’s a 99% chance that your song is included!

Er kunnen zoveel kinderen meedoen als je zelf wilt. Er moet wel een ouder en/ of oppas aanwezig zijn. Wanneer er veel kinderen meedoen dan is gewenst om meerdere oppas en/ of ouders mee te laten komen.

 You are welcome to bring your own items, as long as you keep things tidy for the next children’s party. How long does it take to receive the video clip and the song You are welcom to bring your own

The song itself will be provided to you immediately in MP3 format. As for the video clip, you will receive it within two weeks via WeTransfer in MP4 format.

What does the children’s party cost?

The price is from 10 children

The price is from 10 children




Above 10 kids per child extra:


Appetizer service per child:





phonenumber / Whatsapp:
+31 7 8878688

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