Pianolessons en Keyboardlessons

At Music school The Hague, the joy of making music takes center stage. We firmly believe that enjoying music forms the foundation for effective learning. Our lessons are not only focused on reading music notes but also on developing a keen musical ear. And the best part? You get to choose the music pieces you love!

What makes our music lessons unique?

  1. Personal Attention: Our dedicated teachers offer individual lessons, ensuring personalized guidance and a curriculum tailored to your musical preferences and goals.
  2. Notes and Ear Training: We emphasize not only reading notes but also playing by ear. This enhances your musicality and helps you develop your own style.
  3. Creativity: Your creativity is paramount! Choose your favorite songs and even venture into improvisation. Each lesson becomes a new adventure.
  4. Rhythm and Ensemble Playing: You’ll learn not only with your teacher but also alongside fellow students. Collaborative playing enriches your musical experience and teaches you to stay in rhythm.

Differences Between Piano Lessons and Keyboard Lessons:

  • Piano Lessons: Piano lessons focus on technique, expression, and both classical and pop repertoire. You’ll learn the subtle nuances of touch and pedal usage, which are essential for playing an acoustic piano.
  • Keyboard Lessons: Keyboards offer multiple sounds and can sound more modern. You’ll explore different tones and rhythms the instrument provides, learning how to use them across a wide range of musical styles.

Our Teachers: Our instructors are not only experienced musicians but also inspiring educators who radiate passion for music. They encourage you to experiment, make mistakes, and above all, enjoy the learning process. After all, making music is a journey filled with joy and discoveries.

Embark on your musical journey at Muziekschool Den Haag—let your creativity flow and enroll today for piano or keyboard lessons! 🎹🎶

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